Xtreme Pro-Expert Hair Styling Gel

Xtreme Pro-Expert Hair Styling Gel strengthens your hair thanks to its natural extracts and ingredients, which include Panthenol (also known as Vitamin B5) and Aloe Vera. Panthenol serves as a moisturizer and a humectant while Aloe Vera is a protein that helps revitalize the hair. These ingredients work together to create stronger, shinier, and more flexible hair. 

The alcohol-free formula doesn't dry the scalp or leave any residue. Xtreme Pro-Expert Styling Gel is perfect for holding hair in place while also creating movement, achieving a variety of specific hairstyles from wet hair looks, waves, and others.This hair gel adds texture, body, and shine to any hairstyle and slicks hair back and tames flyaway pieces. 

Take control of your hair with Xtreme Pro-Expert Hair Styling Gel! 

  • Made with an alcohol-free formula and natural extracts, including Panthenol and Aloe Vera.
  • Panthenol works as a moisturizer and humectant and Aloe Vera helps revitalize the hair.
  • Pro-Expert hair gel provides 24 hours of Xtreme control. 10x Xtreme fixation level.
  • Holds hair in place, helps achieve a variety of hairstyles, and tames flyaway pieces of hair. Adds texture, body, and shine to hair.
  • Formula does not dry scalp or leave any residue.
  • Fresh fragrance. Perfect for any hairstyle!
Xtreme Pro-Expert Hair Styling Gel, +24H Control, 10X Fixation Level 8.81oz

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