Buying a wig for the first time

Ava New York

Step 1: Choose the wig type

There are several types: half wig, full wig, lace front wig, and u-part wig. 

A half wig means you need to leave some hair out in the front and then cover the front part with your natural hair so that the wig will look like your own hair. Most half wigs have a comb in the front and in the back for safety. 

A full wig means you can just wear it just like a hat. There is nothing to do with the full wig. Literally, you just wear it and go. 

A lace front wig means it is a little bit complicated kind because it has lace in the front or back or all around. Thus, you need to cut the lace off and glue it down to look more natural. 

U-Part wig means it is literally the same as a half wig. Only the difference is you need to leave out some hair on the top, not in the front. 

Step 2: Choose what kind of styles you want. 

Do you want curly? Do you want straight? Do you want a body wave? Or Do you want bob? Etc... 

Imagine yourself with some styles that you may like. 

Step 3: Search for styles and look at the thickness.

Step 4: Choose the color

If your skin is light, it is better to avoid jet black or black color. 

Step 5: Shop in person or order online your desired style.