Introducing Tinted Lace Foaming Mousse! The aerosol formulation provides true shade due to oxidation and lightweight foam for easy and hassle free use. The perfect quick and mess free foaming mousses is here. No transfer and no stain but accurate tone to tinted you lace for natural and seamless application.   

❤ [FOAMING MOUSSE] Our Tinted Lace Foaming Mousse is the easy to use lightweight highly pigmented foam that will deliver most accurate tone to seamlessly blends in your wig with your natural hair line to make your wig application clean with vivid finish that looks natural.

❤ [AEROSOL] Make your wig installation process is hassle free with our Tinted foaming mousse that aerosol type which makes our foam fluffy. Due to is type, aerosol, the mousse is formulated to oxidized when released and it gets darken to the truth color when it is met with air.

❤ [QUICK DRY] Our Tinted foaming mousse is formulated to dry quick to reduce you wig application routine so you can get on with your day.

❤ [NO TRANSFER] The foam blends perfectly into the lace without the smudging and transfer. All you need is to shake and press. Look fabulous with.

❤ [ACCURATE TONE] With 4 different color available you sure will find the perfect that shade that matches your skin for the seamless look. The aerosol type of foaming mousses delivers vivid and most accurate tone.

❤ [CRUELTY FREE] Our Tinted foaming mousse is cruelty, paraben and silicon free meaning you can slay your wig while being conscious.


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